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Our Vendors

When you select a Bicycle from our company, you choose a reliable companion which will give you an outstanding riding experience for various years to come. For assuring each individual buyer delivery of a leading-edge product, we approach cycle manufacturers who build each model with care and precision. These experts perfecting their skills after years in the field hand us bicycle models to meet specific needs. We very carefully select our vendors on the basis of their background, financial reputation, brand image, pricing & delivery schedule, etc. Only after considering all these factors, we join hands with the manufacturing companies.

Client Satisfaction

We provide each sale of Kids Bicycle, Single Speed Bicycle and Sports Bicycle with personalized service. We know that buying products online should be kept interactive so that buyers choosing our products remain well acquainted with us, our product, and our service, throughout the process. We make it our aim to put each individual buyer contacting us on a position of knowledge during product purchase so that buying choices they make leads to their complete satisfaction.

Quality Excellence

We do not simply purchase branded products and sold out them in the market but here at our company, all the sourced products are thoroughly examined using purpose-built equipment and specialised testing tools at our own plant. We claim unbeatable quality in our supplied range only after we subject it to tough and gruelling internal tests and checks on the following standards:
  • Braking performance, in both wet & dry terrain
  • Industrial conformity checks of each component & part
  • Reliability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Fatigue life of tube (head, seat) & bicycle frame, etc.